I really don't understand how Russia inluenced our elections

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I really don't understand how Russia inluenced our elections

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unless all the voters are gullible morons.

OK, will start that I did not join Facebook until last December. To see what family members post and to be able to comment on sites of corporations, or some boards.

I don't have a "smartphone," thus no "apps..."

Still when I do go there, there are a lot of ads along the side, when I first joined, many were "announcements" that the Obamas were divorcing.

But otherwise there are posts by sites that I visit, from the Wall St. Journal, from the New York Times, the LA Times, local orchestra, other boards.

But I just glance at them. I do not start reading them and, of course, if there is a major breaking news stories, I can find them through the regular channels.

But the reports, especially since Cambridge Analytical, imply that they can post any stories and many moron voters believe everything they read.

Of course, there was that idiot who charged into a D.C. Pizzeria because... this was where Hillary was running sex slaves. Or something.

And after the Boston bombing during the marathon, some sites identified wrong people.

We started watching the program Homeland last year which takes place in the country and the stories are very much after regular news.

Thus, there was someone with an inflammatory radio broadcast, like Alex Jones, I suppose, who is trying to get the natives to revel against the new president, a woman.. ahem. And he escapes and find refuge among rural people, who like him.

And then the FBI comes, and a kid was shot and rushed to the hospital. So a Russian agent manage to sneak in, takes a picture of the kid on the operating table, his injury has not been bandaged yet. All the details are removed so it appeared that the kid was alone on the table, dead. Well, this started a riot with many dead. They would not try to listen, to talk to the hospital, to get the true details.

Thus, that the Russians know how to take advantage of a citizenry without a shred of independent thinking... well, perhaps just charging them is not the way to go.

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Re: I really don't understand how Russia inluenced our elections

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At the margins it motivated a few more Trump voters and keep a few Clinton voters from the polls. If you dig into the data, it was Clinton's collapse in the Rust Belt.
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