The Demise of the OC Weekly

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The Demise of the OC Weekly

Post by Hanna » Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:49 am

Yes, just found out about it. One more nail in the demise of the print media, even before the virus.


The newsweekly, which was founded in 1995, had been offloaded from Voice Media Group to local publisher Duncan McIntosh in 2016. The next year, OC Weekly’s editor Gustavo Arellano, who is now a features writer for The Times, very publicly resigned.

Arellano, who had long served as the public face of the outlet, said that he had quit rather cut half the paper’s staff, which he said he had been asked to do. But even in its reduced form, OC Weekly remained the leading alternative voice in the region. And the digging that previously exposed misconduct at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office continued.

More than anything, it held a mirror to the culture, chaos and complexities of a metropolitan area that is home to more than 3 million people and has been majority-minority since 2004. Theirs was not the Orange County of Nixon or Newport, or even the place reflected in the Orange County Register.

“The OC Register was always a chronicler of the official Orange County: White, rich, Republican, suburban,” said Arellano, who is himself an Orange County native. “The OC Weekly was a chronicler of everything else. And really, the freaks and geeks, which in this case is the Mexicans, the Muslims, the Vietnamese, the young people, the LGBT folks — all of these communities that did not ‘belong’ in Orange County according to its lords — found a home in the pages of the OC Weekly.”

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In addition to the examples that the story gives about the the importance of the Weekly, it, and its reporter Anthony Pignataro, were instrumental in covering the fight against the friendly airport at El Toro.


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Re: The Demise of the OC Weekly

Post by John Q. Public » Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:31 am

If it hadn't shut down when it did, it surely would have now. Except for pot shops, most of its advertisers aren't advertising, if they're even operating. I imagine most newspapers are operating on PPP loans right now because their ads couldn't possibly be covering their costs. Even their backup web ads, like we have, are paying about half of what they did a year ago - which is an improvement from -80% in May.

"Curbed" just announced it's closing its local branches last week and absorbing them into one national site, which will then be absorbed later in the year by New York Magazine. Even crazier times in the publishing business.
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