Your Daily Republican Assault on the 1st Amendment

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Your Daily Republican Assault on the 1st Amendment

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I didn't want to do another "Your Daily" thread but that does seem to be the rate at which these things are coming.

Because forced patriotism is the best patriotism:
Texas lawmakers passed a bill Tuesday that will penalize professional sports teams if they do not play the national anthem before games.

The Republican-backed bill would require government entities to enter a written agreement with professional sports teams affirming that they will play the national anthem. Teams that do not comply with the agreement could lose their state and local subsidies or be barred from entering into future contracts with the state.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was a staunch advocate for the bill, dubbed the "Star Spangled Banner Protection Act." The measure was first introduced in February after the Dallas Mavericks briefly stopped playing the national anthem before their home games. ... orts-teams
Okay, it's tied to government funding so I guess they do have the wherewithal to do it, but it's just one more example of Big GQP intrusion into the private sector's right to do business as they see fit and to restrict speech that they don't agree with - at the moment. I hope Mark Cuban has a royalty-free copy of Roseann Barr's version.
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Re: Your Daily Republican Assault on the 1st Amendment

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Better yet. This one.

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