What I learned in the last year

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What I learned in the last year

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1: Everyone in the USA is a racist. So that means that everyone that posts here is a racist. We are all racists no matter the color, religion, political party, or nationality. All white are racists, All blacks are racists, All browns are racists, everyone is a racist.

I did not now this. I thought most people treated others with respect and ignored race. I guess I was wrong it toke 80 years before I learned that I am a racist.

2: The police are to let everyone go that does not voluntarily want to be arrested. The police must not use any type of force to make an arrest. We should be more kind to criminals.

3: Criminals are should be idolized and worshiped. We should go out and loot when ever criminals is mishandled by the police.

4: Mob rule is how one gets things done. We should be able to burn, loot and murder to get a point across. Unless one was a trump supporters then we should prosecute to the full extent of the law. BLM thought people that they can get away with riots with nothing being done. People can take over area of a city with immunity.

5: We should not have police going out on 911 calls, We should first send out someone to just talk with everyone involved and only use the police when people want to be arrested. We should no lo longer arrest anyone for domestic abuse. If you have a robber that first responders should not carry ant weapon and should only talk the robber into going to jail.
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Re: What I learned in the last year

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Stay loose, and be a little afraid.
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