Would Republicans do a better job of regulating marijuana?

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Would Republicans do a better job of regulating marijuana?

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Sort of the same thinking that the State Insurance Commissioner should never be a Republican, and as usual, behind a paywall on a paper none of us have any reason to subscribe to :bonk:, so I'll harvest what I can from a series of tweets.

Huge bust in Oakland.

Although cannabis sales are legal, they are heavily taxed and regulated. Growers and dealers have financial incentives to bypass the rules.

Investigators found upwards of 40 Rolex watches, along with designer handbags and gym bags stuffed with $1 million in cash.
When deputies searched a warehouse in Oakland, they found a refrigerator "filled with" thousand-dollar bottles of Napa Valley wine. (Methinks maybe they exaggerate there)

This week, deputies loaded 37.6 tons of marijuana onto tractor trailers headed to an incinerator in the Central Valley. Such a huge volume of cannabis cannot be stored and law enforcement cannot give it away* because they cannot vouch for its quality.

Sean Donahoe, a cannabis regulatory consultant, argued that it would not make practical or economic sense for a legal vendor to purchase from an illicit supplier.

He accused the sheriff of trying to “perpetuate fear and reefer madness.”
I haven't priced it lately but I know that legal pot is damned expensive, partly because of the quality and partly because the price never went down when the risk of jail time was removed, but mainly because the taxes and fees are ungodly high. Which leaves a whole lot of room for black-marketeers to undercut the legal price and still do very freaking well, thank you very much, whether legal retailers would risk their licenses to buy from them or not.

Not that a Republican would ever run on a platform of lowering pot taxes, but would a good small-government, lower-taxes, Chamber of Commerce kind of guy do a better job of regulating it than the stinkin' libs have? It seems to me that the libs are the ones who'd "know the value of a dollar" these days but maybe not since they're the ones who - with Ahnold's help - set the taxes so ridiculously high.

Just pondering. :-k

* Oh. And what's that "give it away" thing supposed to mean? Christmas bonuses? Rewards for courteous drivers? Halloween treats? What?
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