Happy All Peoples Matter Day

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Happy All Peoples Matter Day

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Started in 1792 to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Columbus discovering the Americas, adopted by Italian- and Catholic Americans around the 1890's to celebrate their heritage and to combat anti-immigrant and anti-Catholic sentiment, then adopted by the Postal Service to celebrate a long weekend that nobody else got, surviving an attempted takeover by Scandinavian-Americans and now being appropriated by the victims of Columbus' discovery. Never mind the mass importation of African slaves that also followed.

All are worth celebrating... and probably mourned. Native Americans should definitely get at least a day, African-Americans get a whole month (but no day off) and many of us probably even have friends who are Italian or Catholic and we realize that they aren't so bad, after all. But seriously, very few events in the history of the world carry the significance of the discovery of the New World and it's definitely worth celebrating, whether Columbus himself was a pariah or not. Maybe take his name off it, but appropriating it for other purposes kind of reeks of people holding up "All Lives Matter" signs.

NB, Columbus never did accept the fact that he hadn't landed in India. I guess nobody in Spain had the heart to tell him that the spices he took back to Spain weren't actually, like, Indian spices. Maybe he was about as good a cook as he was a travel planner. He only packed enough supplies to get halfway to India, even using 1492 estimates.
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