Do you think a California Public School will ever win a National Championship in HS Football someday?

or just have their team finish the season ranked number 1 in the nation by all polls or several polls or more? I will admit, i’m kinda tired of seeing private/parochial schools being spoiled too much already.

Correct me if i’m wrong, but i believe the last time a California Public School achieved that, the Internet did not exist yet.

I also kinda find it sad and dissapointing, that even when DLS’s winning streak came to an end in 2004, and before MD and Bosco became the national powerhouses they are now, not even a single California Public School was able to achieve that during that timespan. I definetley don’t see a CA Public School achieving that anytime soon based on the currant landscape, but i hope it happens in my lifetime.

I know that these CA Public Schools have come close, but as they old saying goes, close but no cigar, are Los Al, Mission Viejo HS, Corona Centennial, and LB Poly, i would say its fair to label LB Poly as being the best or most decorated HS FB program to have never won a National Title, especially having the distinction of having sent more players to the NFL than any other HS in the Country, Nation.

I remember reading and discussion that, a major reason why LB Poly never achieved that, is because, when LB Poly was at the height, peak of their dominance, it was during DLS’s winning streak.

Anyway, what does everyone else in here think? do you think that will ever happen someday? Can or will a California Public School achieve this someday?

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