Is there another way to watch Bally Sports?

I do not want to pay yearly for Kim Kardashian Shows when all I want to watch is 3 months of HSFB. It’s getting way more expensive (who wants to pay 12 months when we just want to see 3 months worth of HSFB) The way Ballysports TV and Fox keep charging so much and only increasing their prices, raking in multi millions off of sponsors and advertisements, off the backs of high school kids ramming into each other full speed is so dirty and criminal. These TV executives are probably making stupid amounts of money off these kids. I recall SJB vs MD having an insane amount of views more than the other TV programs they had. Does anybody know an alterative to watch the games?

Statistics: Posted by easycheesy — Mon Nov 15, 2021 9:49 am — Replies 2 — Views 119