Los Alamitos Football 2022

I must say, I have to eat crow. Los Al looked really good against Bosco. I thought they were going to roll over against SJB as I’ve seen so many other Socal teams. When De La Salle came down South pre 2013 every Cali HSFB fan knew the presence they commanded and fear they instilled in the South (Centennial, Westlake, Servite, Crenshaw). That aura of fear, the timidity in their eyes when De La Salle came down. Much like Mike Tyson in his prime, the fighters had those eyes of fear and timid body language. SJB has that Prime Mike Tyson feel to them where they just instill fear into opposing teams. I saw none of it coming from Los Al against SJB. They outperformed Servite on offense and Servite is the #4 team in the state. They performed better against SJB than the bottom half Trinity League schools.

It was the front 7 that killed them. SJB is known for their size and strength. MD in 2016 found this out the hard way. If they stock up on those front 7 guys and pull in some key transfers they can call their own destiny. Los Alamitos in 2022 could be really, really dangerous. They’re so young too.

Very impressed!

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