Playoff format – How CIFSS Got It Wrong (Again)

Division 1 is a mess – Norco is not D1, bottom line. MD will put up 50 and Norco may get a mercy score in the 4th quarter. Which is a shame as Norco is a quality team and deserves better. MV vs. CC should be an entertaining game…should have a been the final for D2. So let’s back up here – D1 should continue to be an 8 team bracket which essentially gets us to a place that this board has talked about for a long time, a private school division. It wouldn’t have been hard at all. Then you let the publics play in Division 1-AA. Div 1-AA would be so entertaining. Week 1 might be a bloodbath in some games, but that was typical before all this competitive equity BS, but can you see how the quarters and semi’s would play out…that would be epic and create a ton of excitement. Just my two cents.

Division 1-A
1. MD
2. SJB
3. Servite
4. SM
5. Alemany
6. Sierra Canyon
7. OLU
Wild Card Game: St. Boni
Wild Card Game: Bishop Amat

Division 1-AA
1. CC
2. MV
3. Los AL
4. Norco
6. Warren
7. Vista Murrieta
8.Yorba Linda
10. Murrieta Valley
11. Simi Valley
12 Citrus Valley
13. Etiwanda
14. Foothill
15. San Clemente
16. Saugus

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