Servite, was it all worth it?

The Troy Thomas Project Part Duex’s success comes down to tonight. In the 4th year of his return to Servite, tonight’s game determines if it was all worth it. Meaning, was it worth picking Troy Thomas over Pete Bowman, Football players over Catholic kids, a history of never, ever accepting Junior/Senior transfers and ultimately changing the culture of Servite to mirror Mater Dei and Bosco, where winning is more important than Catholic formation. The jury is out, I guess we’ll see. Please don’t tell me “but they’re 8th in the nation? ” 8th in the nation for a moral victory over Mater Dei and wins over national powerhouses, Sierra Canyon and Helix. Don’t get me wrong, Servite has some dudes and props to those kids earning a shot to play at the highest levels of NCAA D1 football…but in the end was it worth it?

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