Mariners' Mall


A regional outlet shopping mall for Newport Beach! Designed by one of the nation's foremost architects, it will feature an indoor roller coaster and be anchored at one end by Melman's New York and possibly Wal-Mart at the other (pending negotiations).

Restaurants committed at this time include the Basura Blanca Cantina, El Pollo Baboso, Sid's Euro-Veggie Bistro, Ail Brűlé French restaurant, The Hair of the Dog Brewpub and Javaboy Coffee Shop.

The all new Extreme Fun Zone will feature attractions such as the Drop of Death, where riders will plummet ten stories into a pitch-black tunnel, and Bumper Car Mayhem, an updated version of the old Fun Zone favorite.

Preservationists can rest assured that many of the same types of materials used in the old Fun Zone and Pavilion will be utilized in the constuction of the mall.