The Newport Harbor Redevelopment Authority (NHRA) is an exploratory committee formed by the South County Association of Municipalities (SCAM), the Anaheim Hills Community Home Owners Organization (AHCHOO) and the Westminster Urban Group Guarding Against Wanton, Uncontrolled General Growth and All (WUGGAWUGGA). Its responsibility is to reduce overcrowding and create open space on the greatly overdeveloped Balboa Peninsula and create commercial and recreational facilities in the underutilized Upper Newport Bay area as part of the conversion from yacht harbor to deep water port.

Through uncontrolled growth, the once bustling seaport at Newport Bay has become an overcrowded pleasure-craft harbor. The Balboa Peninsula, once a beautiful tourist destination known for its miles of lovely, unspoiled beaches has become an unsightly area with ramshackle buildings stacked one on top of another and small shops plying wares of questionable value. The once wide-open boulevards have become so congested that residents often have to park blocks away from their homes, sometimes even being forced to use the center median of Balboa Boulevard.

All the while, the upper Newport Bay area, through typical bureaucratic mismanagement by the state, has been allowed to stagnate into nothing more than unusable swampland, draining millions of our tax dollars every year.

One third of Southern California's job growth for the next 25years in trade, transportation, export services and tourism depends upon building a superior 21st century international port, rail and airport system. Finding ways to expedite this expansion should be the region's top development priority."
Steven P. Erie, Professor of Economics
University of California, San Diego

Orange County, with a population of over 2.6 million people is the 15th largest market in the country, doing billions of dollars in trade with our Pacific Rim partners. It has an exemplary system of roads and freeways, and an airport that we are so proud of that we named it after the great American legend, John Wayne.

We have no port facilities whatsoever!

We are forced to pay millions of dollars each year to send all of our international cargo through the Los Angeles County ports at Long Beach and San Pedro or through San Diego!

The conversion of Newport Harbor will keep all of that lost revenue here at home, create billions of dollars in economic benefits, provide thousands of jobs and generate millions of dollars in tax revenues for the county, while increasing the value of residential and commercial property in and around Newport Beach.

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