Stadiumview Enterprise Center


Celebrating the development era of Orange County's history and the dynamic real estate market of the turn of the millenium, Stadiumview Enterprise Center will be an enabling factor in providing entrepreneurs with the opportunity to nurture and grow their small to medium-sized ventures.

Its location on the Tech Coast will empower pre-IPO e-commerce startups and innovative design professionals by partnering storefront interfaces with their back-office strategies, enabling end-to-end solutions that will allow maximization of their ROI and enable them and their affilliates to optimize their aggregated ERPs, while its proximity to the harbor will provide win-win solutions for growing high tech and environmental solutions providers by allowing them to leverage faster, better and cheaper access to the marketplace.

The new Raiders Stadium will border the center to the north, pending sponsoring partnerships and litigation regarding the City of Irvine's requirement that the team change it's colors from silver and black to beige and terra cotta.