Yacht Harbor and Quaint Little Shops at Back Bay


The new yacht harbor will almost triple Newport Beach's docking and mooring capabilities. It will also provide facilities that the current one lacks, such as ample parking, restrooms and fresh water.

All the support services a boater could need will be concentrated in one convenient area. No more driving all over town to pick up parts and supplies! Many of the businesses currently on the peninsula will be relocating to Back Bay, so there will be no need to find new suppliers or establish new relationships.

Yachtsmen and landlubbers alike will love the Quaint Little Shops at Back Bay. Modeled after a New England fishing village, it will be a destination in itself. Visitors will be able to "shop 'til they drop", enjoy dinner at one of the many fine restaurants and finish the day off with a leisurely stroll along the marina.

The new harbor will also help to eliminate the congestion and parking problems on the peninsula, making life considerably more enjoyable for the residents and also increasing the value of their homes.