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Relax, Newporters. There is no Newport Harbor Redvelopment Authority, no SCAM, no AHCHOO, and no WUGGAWUGGA for that matter - although I think I'd support any organization that could come up with a name that fits the anagram. Nobody's making plans to redevelop your harbor. It's a ridiculous idea and it will never happen. Nobody would actually decide to put a deep water port in the middle of an area where thousands of people live. I don't think.

But then again, think about the absurdity of a small group of people with enough money and power to do it deciding they're going to put an airport in the middle of an area where quite a few thousand more people live. You never know. If someone were to decide that there was a lot of money to be made by doing it, what's to stop them? Elected officials? Maybe. If it were up to the County Board of Supervisors, there would be one opposed and four others who might think that their districts or reelection funds might benefit from it. A countywide vote? Let's see, it would carry the local area, but what if people in the parts of the county that wouldn't be affected by it could be convinced that it's a good idea? And do they have any business voting on an issue that could have such a devastating effect on one community?

The only real protection we have against such possibilities is to give control over them to the people who are affected by them. Although it doesn't mention ports, I'd say that Measure F is a step in the right direction. I hope you'll support it in the March 7 election and in the inevitable appeals that follow.



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